Types of Oven – Guide on Choosing Oven

Oven is one of the most popular kitchen utensils, especially for them who love to cook in the kitchen. Oven is an essential tool for you who have catering and bakery business. For the beginner, using oven is maybe not that easy. However, there are some kinds of ovens that you need to know. Below is the further description and information about the types of oven.

  1. Home Oven

This is a traditional that needs a gas stove or the other stove to deliver the heat. This kind of oven is not equipped with timer and temperature button. This oven is mostly used by most housewives or for the small home industry.

  1. Semi Professional Oven

The second type of oven is the semi professional oven. This is a kind of oven that can be used by the help of gas or electric. This semi professional oven is different with the home style oven because this semi professional oven is already completed with temperature button and also timer, but it is not really accurate because it could not manage the above and bottom heat. This oven is usually used by the bakery store or bakery business with low production capacity.

  1. Professional Oven

Professional oven is an oven that uses electricity for baking. However, there is also some professional oven that uses a gas, but the gas has to be 60 kg gas. The professional oven is equipped with timer and temperature button for adjusting the above and bottom heat. This oven is also equipped with sound signal as a sign when the baking process was done. There are two kinds of professional oven that we can find; they are the Gas Baking Oven and Gas Deck Oven. Basically, this oven is more practical and did not need too much space for keeping or placing it. The oven is operated with LPG gas while the proofer is managed or operated with electricity. This oven is usually used by bakery store or the middle class bakery business with plenty production capacity and quick process.

  1. Industrial Oven

The last type of oven is the industrial oven. Industrial oven is a kind of oven that is needed for big scale industry with 10 up to 100 meters in length. The wide of this oven is from about 50 meter up to 150 meter. Industrial oven uses chain so that the baking process can be quickly done and automatically done. This oven is equipped with temperature oven, timer and air extraction adjustment. Furthermore, each zone or each oven baking part can be managed with different temperature. The baking process of this oven is mostly the same with the professional oven that uses gas and electricity. This oven is really perfect for the bakery business with a lot of production capacities and need the quick time.

Those are some information and overview about types of oven. Now, you knew the meaning of each oven and you can choose which one that suits with your need the most.