Dangers of Low Quality Stainless Pan

This is maybe a bad news, but there is a study shown that some of our cookware can be polluting our bodies. One of the kitchen cookware that can be polluting our body is the low quality stainless pan. Today on this article, we will talk more about the dangers that you may get by using the low quality stainless pan. So, check this out.

Before knowing some dangers that you may get, let us talk about stainless steel first. Actually, what is the definition of stainless steel? Stainless steel is a kind of materials that is now commonly used on some kitchen utensils. This is a material that can deliver the heat quickly. Besides that, the fat that is contained on an ingredient will be not able to enter the surface of stainless steel.

Actually, there are two grades of stainless steel that we need to know. First one is the regular stainless steel cookware. This cookware is made from the different alloy that is included the scrap metal. According to Dr.Shelton, most stainless steel that is sold in market is made from some materials such as chrome and nickel. These materials can bleed into the meals, especially for the meals that are containing many salt and acid ingredients.

Safe cookware for health is usually made from the high quality stainless steel. This cookware is made with high stainless steel materials with only small mixture of nickel and chrome. It means that the low quality stainless pan will use a lot of nickel and chrome that is not good for our health. According to Dr. Shelton, these chromes and nickels substances that are contained on stainless steel are easily bleed when it is heated with the temperature of 49celcius or for about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The bad news is that, it is really hard for erasing these substances once they got into our bodies. At some range of time, it can trigger many health problems.

“The Science, Technique and Technology Division of Pennsylvania University” is also giving a statement. They stated that stainless steel is really easy to be destructed by organic acid, especially because of the cooking temperature. That is why; on this case Iron, chromium and nickel are easily bled with the food. Nickel triggers some health problems, especially the skin problem. Nickel is the main corrosive product that we can find on stainless steel. It is really recommended for you who have any problem with nickel or having sensitivity on nickel to choose the other cookware besides the stainless steel cookware.

It seems that nowadays many people are aware of dangers that can be caused by stainless steel pan. Actually, it is really okay for using stainless steel pan, but you have to make sure to choose the high quality stainless pan. You will get what you pay. The high quality stainless pan is maybe more expensive, but it can avoid you from many health problems.