Danger of Low Quality Non Sticky Teflon Pan

Some non sticky Teflon pan is getting really popular right now. Comfort is becoming the main reason why the non sticky Teflon is really popular. It is true that non sticky Teflon is really easy to clean, affordable and really popular. However, many experts stated that this cookware is poisonous, especially for low quality non sticky Teflon pan. For making you clearer, below we will inform some dangers that can be caused by using low quality non sticky Teflon pan.

The non sticky Teflon pan is made from the chemical substance that is called perfluorooctanic or PFOA. This substance is related as a cause of some illness such as cancer, thyroid illness and high rated cholesterol and reduce the level of fertility. Some people may though that the low quality non sticky Teflon pan is secure enough as long as it is not used in too high temperature. In fact, the surface will start to break the molecule level that is unseen and it has high possibility for poisonous particle and carcinogenic gas will be sniffed and get into our body.

It is said by some literatures that the maximum temperature for using non sticky Teflon is for about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the other literature claimed that the surface will start to break and release the poison to the air at the temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit. A popular non sticky Teflon pan producer agreed that this cookware can cause some symptoms such as:

  • Hard to Breathe
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Fever and many more.

The other scary fact is that a data that shows the possibility for being infected by prostate cancer will be higher included the PFOA company’s employees. It is because these employees are having more contact with PFOA than the non sticky Teflon users. The bad substance at PFOA can give some bad effects at the liver, kidney problem, growth and many more can give many serious health problems. Those are some health problems that you may get by using the non sticky Teflon pan. However, these facts are did not mean that you have to avoid all the non sticky Teflon. You still can be able to use Teflon, but with some rules.

If you thought that you cannot use the non sticky Teflon pan again, so you are wrong.  You still be able to use and buy oven as your hosting things and many more. If you wanted to use a non sticky Teflon pa, you have to choose the best one. Below is the further explanation/

First of all, it is better for using the Teflon that is sold with not too expensive price. It means that, you may not always believe in here. The second thing is that you have to throw away the Teflon pan if it was scratched. However, there is still no any scientific prove from this thing. The most important thing to do now is by always having the healthy life style.