About Wine Chiller or Level of Degrees

Drinking wine is a tradition for the European. Wine can make someone feels warmer and furthermore it can decrease the risk of getting the heart problem. Wine should be kept really well for keeping its quality and taste. The best tool that can be used for storage the wine is called the wine refrigerators or the wine chillers. This is a storage that is specially designed to keep and store your wine in the right temperature setting. The ideal temperature setting is between 45 – 64 degrees. It depends on the kind of wine that you keep, whether it is the red wine or the white wine.

Wine chiller or the wine refrigerator comes in different brands and of course with the different price as well. There are two main types of cooling systems at wine chiller that you need to know; they are the “Vapor Compression System” and the “Thermoelectric System”. The vapor compression system is the cooling system that we can find mostly on the standard refrigerator. Meanwhile, the thermoelectric system is a cooling system that is claimed as the most efficient energy. This cooling system performs really well at home that will not warmer than 75 degrees. The wine will not also need the temperature that is cooler than 50 degrees. Wine chiller can give a stabile temperature for keeping the wine. The stabile temperature that is needed for storage the wine is for about 16 up to 18 degrees.

Wine Refrigerator or wine chiller is usually has some racks that can be used for keeping and placing the wine. These racks will make the wine bottle is placed horizontally or in the “sleep” position. As we know that this is the best position to keep the wine. With this position, the foam of wine bottle will be always wet. It is because if that foam was dry, the outer air will be easily getting into the wine bottle. This process can give the bad impact for the wine quality. It is also better for only using the wine chiller to keep the wine bottle. It means that you may not keep the other ingredients inside this wine chiller together with the wine. It is because keeping the wine together with the other ingredients such as onion will break the wine aroma.

The other advantage that you will get by using the wine chiller is that this chiller is really easy to be treated. If you wanted to clean this wine chiller, you just need to put of the cable that is connected to the electricity. After that, you can clean inside this wine chiller by using the clean fabric. After the wine chiller is dry enough, you can put or connect the electricity again and the wine chiller is ready to use.

Those are some information about wine chiller or wine refrigerator that we can share. We hope that this information is beneficial for you, so now you can use your wine chiller wisely.