Danger of Low Quality Non Sticky Teflon Pan

Some non sticky Teflon pan is getting really popular right now. Comfort is becoming the main reason why the non sticky Teflon is really popular. It is true that non sticky Teflon is really easy to clean, affordable and really popular. However, many experts stated that this cookware is poisonous, especially for low quality non sticky Teflon pan. For making you clearer, below we will inform some dangers that can be caused by using low quality non sticky Teflon pan.

The non sticky Teflon pan is made from the chemical substance that is called perfluorooctanic or PFOA. This substance is related as a cause of some illness such as cancer, thyroid illness and high rated cholesterol and reduce the level of fertility. Some people may though that the low quality non sticky Teflon pan is secure enough as long as it is not used in too high temperature. In fact, the surface will start to break the molecule level that is unseen and it has high possibility for poisonous particle and carcinogenic gas will be sniffed and get into our body.

It is said by some literatures that the maximum temperature for using non sticky Teflon is for about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the other literature claimed that the surface will start to break and release the poison to the air at the temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit. A popular non sticky Teflon pan producer agreed that this cookware can cause some symptoms such as:

  • Hard to Breathe
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Fever and many more.

The other scary fact is that a data that shows the possibility for being infected by prostate cancer will be higher included the PFOA company’s employees. It is because these employees are having more contact with PFOA than the non sticky Teflon users. The bad substance at PFOA can give some bad effects at the liver, kidney problem, growth and many more can give many serious health problems. Those are some health problems that you may get by using the non sticky Teflon pan. However, these facts are did not mean that you have to avoid all the non sticky Teflon. You still can be able to use Teflon, but with some rules.

If you thought that you cannot use the non sticky Teflon pan again, so you are wrong.  You still be able to use and buy oven as your hosting things and many more. If you wanted to use a non sticky Teflon pa, you have to choose the best one. Below is the further explanation/

First of all, it is better for using the Teflon that is sold with not too expensive price. It means that, you may not always believe in here. The second thing is that you have to throw away the Teflon pan if it was scratched. However, there is still no any scientific prove from this thing. The most important thing to do now is by always having the healthy life style.

About Wine Chiller or Level of Degrees

Drinking wine is a tradition for the European. Wine can make someone feels warmer and furthermore it can decrease the risk of getting the heart problem. Wine should be kept really well for keeping its quality and taste. The best tool that can be used for storage the wine is called the wine refrigerators or the wine chillers. This is a storage that is specially designed to keep and store your wine in the right temperature setting. The ideal temperature setting is between 45 – 64 degrees. It depends on the kind of wine that you keep, whether it is the red wine or the white wine.

Wine chiller or the wine refrigerator comes in different brands and of course with the different price as well. There are two main types of cooling systems at wine chiller that you need to know; they are the “Vapor Compression System” and the “Thermoelectric System”. The vapor compression system is the cooling system that we can find mostly on the standard refrigerator. Meanwhile, the thermoelectric system is a cooling system that is claimed as the most efficient energy. This cooling system performs really well at home that will not warmer than 75 degrees. The wine will not also need the temperature that is cooler than 50 degrees. Wine chiller can give a stabile temperature for keeping the wine. The stabile temperature that is needed for storage the wine is for about 16 up to 18 degrees.

Wine Refrigerator or wine chiller is usually has some racks that can be used for keeping and placing the wine. These racks will make the wine bottle is placed horizontally or in the “sleep” position. As we know that this is the best position to keep the wine. With this position, the foam of wine bottle will be always wet. It is because if that foam was dry, the outer air will be easily getting into the wine bottle. This process can give the bad impact for the wine quality. It is also better for only using the wine chiller to keep the wine bottle. It means that you may not keep the other ingredients inside this wine chiller together with the wine. It is because keeping the wine together with the other ingredients such as onion will break the wine aroma.

The other advantage that you will get by using the wine chiller is that this chiller is really easy to be treated. If you wanted to clean this wine chiller, you just need to put of the cable that is connected to the electricity. After that, you can clean inside this wine chiller by using the clean fabric. After the wine chiller is dry enough, you can put or connect the electricity again and the wine chiller is ready to use.

Those are some information about wine chiller or wine refrigerator that we can share. We hope that this information is beneficial for you, so now you can use your wine chiller wisely.

Dangers of Low Quality Stainless Pan

This is maybe a bad news, but there is a study shown that some of our cookware can be polluting our bodies. One of the kitchen cookware that can be polluting our body is the low quality stainless pan. Today on this article, we will talk more about the dangers that you may get by using the low quality stainless pan. So, check this out.

Before knowing some dangers that you may get, let us talk about stainless steel first. Actually, what is the definition of stainless steel? Stainless steel is a kind of materials that is now commonly used on some kitchen utensils. This is a material that can deliver the heat quickly. Besides that, the fat that is contained on an ingredient will be not able to enter the surface of stainless steel.

Actually, there are two grades of stainless steel that we need to know. First one is the regular stainless steel cookware. This cookware is made from the different alloy that is included the scrap metal. According to Dr.Shelton, most stainless steel that is sold in market is made from some materials such as chrome and nickel. These materials can bleed into the meals, especially for the meals that are containing many salt and acid ingredients.

Safe cookware for health is usually made from the high quality stainless steel. This cookware is made with high stainless steel materials with only small mixture of nickel and chrome. It means that the low quality stainless pan will use a lot of nickel and chrome that is not good for our health. According to Dr. Shelton, these chromes and nickels substances that are contained on stainless steel are easily bleed when it is heated with the temperature of 49celcius or for about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The bad news is that, it is really hard for erasing these substances once they got into our bodies. At some range of time, it can trigger many health problems.

“The Science, Technique and Technology Division of Pennsylvania University” is also giving a statement. They stated that stainless steel is really easy to be destructed by organic acid, especially because of the cooking temperature. That is why; on this case Iron, chromium and nickel are easily bled with the food. Nickel triggers some health problems, especially the skin problem. Nickel is the main corrosive product that we can find on stainless steel. It is really recommended for you who have any problem with nickel or having sensitivity on nickel to choose the other cookware besides the stainless steel cookware.

It seems that nowadays many people are aware of dangers that can be caused by stainless steel pan. Actually, it is really okay for using stainless steel pan, but you have to make sure to choose the high quality stainless pan. You will get what you pay. The high quality stainless pan is maybe more expensive, but it can avoid you from many health problems.

Benefits of using Air Frying

Air frying is now becoming a popular trend for them the cookers. This thing was happened because of some reasons. The main reason is that in fact the air frying cooking can give some essential benefits that will make the frying activity is more fun and healthier. What are those kinds of benefits? Below are some kinds of advantages that you can get by using the air frying.

  1. It is essential for making the low fat meals

If you used the air fryer for frying foods or some ingredients, usually you just need a little bit of oil or at least less oil than what you will need if you used the common fried tools. This reason will make you are being able to make a healthier foods and of course the food with less oil means low of fat as well. Besides that, it will provide you from some unwanted aroma of fried meals in all over you house.

  1. Multi Function

If you thought that air frying is only being able to fry something, so you are wrong. Air frying can do much more besides frying such as grilling, baking and roasting. This tool is also equipped with strong metal materials and sturdy plastic that can also give many other benefits for the users.

  1. Cool Exterior Surface

If you cooked by using the other utensils, such as the common pan with the help of gas stove or the other stoves, you will be deal with the hot surface. This hot surface is dangerous for kids and of course mostly it creates some uncomfortable moments for us as the cooker. However, the air fryer will give you cool exterior surface. It is a really good thing that can be your important consideration of providing the air fryer.

  1. No Mess and No Grease

As what we had already stated above that you just need a little amount of oil or even no oil at all in cooking something by using the air fryer? This is a good new because there will be no greasy stains that you will feel on your finger and also your plate. All ingredients that you want to cook with air fryer will be cooked with the hot air. Although this is cooked with the hot air, it still give you the same taste like the usual food that is cooked with oil and it is also having the same look as well.

  1. Great Benefits for your health

With all of the reasons above, it is for sure that the low fat meals and less oil foods that are produced by air fryers, can give a good impact for your health. It will be essential for you who are in a diet program. The meals that are cooked with the air fryer will be beneficial for helping you in losing some weight.  This tool will not make you to let go from some of your favorite meals.

Types of Oven – Guide on Choosing Oven

Oven is one of the most popular kitchen utensils, especially for them who love to cook in the kitchen. Oven is an essential tool for you who have catering and bakery business. For the beginner, using oven is maybe not that easy. However, there are some kinds of ovens that you need to know. Below is the further description and information about the types of oven.

  1. Home Oven

This is a traditional that needs a gas stove or the other stove to deliver the heat. This kind of oven is not equipped with timer and temperature button. This oven is mostly used by most housewives or for the small home industry.

  1. Semi Professional Oven

The second type of oven is the semi professional oven. This is a kind of oven that can be used by the help of gas or electric. This semi professional oven is different with the home style oven because this semi professional oven is already completed with temperature button and also timer, but it is not really accurate because it could not manage the above and bottom heat. This oven is usually used by the bakery store or bakery business with low production capacity.

  1. Professional Oven

Professional oven is an oven that uses electricity for baking. However, there is also some professional oven that uses a gas, but the gas has to be 60 kg gas. The professional oven is equipped with timer and temperature button for adjusting the above and bottom heat. This oven is also equipped with sound signal as a sign when the baking process was done. There are two kinds of professional oven that we can find; they are the Gas Baking Oven and Gas Deck Oven. Basically, this oven is more practical and did not need too much space for keeping or placing it. The oven is operated with LPG gas while the proofer is managed or operated with electricity. This oven is usually used by bakery store or the middle class bakery business with plenty production capacity and quick process.

  1. Industrial Oven

The last type of oven is the industrial oven. Industrial oven is a kind of oven that is needed for big scale industry with 10 up to 100 meters in length. The wide of this oven is from about 50 meter up to 150 meter. Industrial oven uses chain so that the baking process can be quickly done and automatically done. This oven is equipped with temperature oven, timer and air extraction adjustment. Furthermore, each zone or each oven baking part can be managed with different temperature. The baking process of this oven is mostly the same with the professional oven that uses gas and electricity. This oven is really perfect for the bakery business with a lot of production capacities and need the quick time.

Those are some information and overview about types of oven. Now, you knew the meaning of each oven and you can choose which one that suits with your need the most.